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GSV: Verifying security and improving efficiency of supply chains worldwide

Over 12,000 suppliers around the world participate in the GSV program, and 23,000 assessments have been completed to date. You too can make your businessbetter with GSV!
GSV is the best way to:
• Save time and money
• Minimize business disruptions
• Improve your reputation with importers
• Maximize your business potential
    Join the GSV program today, to support a safer, more efficient importing process for the global trade industry.  
When you join GSV:
• You save time and money by undergoing fewer security audits.
• You reduce business disruptions so you can focus on improving your performance.
• You improve your reputation by showing that you meet recognized global supply chain security criteria.
• You maximize your business potential by working smarter, more efficiently, and in alignment with business objectives.

GSV is the best way, but it is not the only way. This program will only succeed with your support. Join the program today, to support a program that empowers manufacturers to make international business safer and more profitable.

Improve your standing in the supplier community by joining today! You will receive Materials that will help you promote your GSV participation!

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You will benefit greatly by having GSV on your qualified list. You don’t have to choose it, but most of your suppliers recognize it as the best way to minimize business risk and drive business benefits.

Get more value from your supply chain security investments with GSV!

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The Global Security Verification (GSV) program is the leading international business network for supporting the development and implementation of measures for enhancing global supply chain security.

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